Laser Type & Quality

What is LASER?

Laser is specific type of light having same wavelength of light and all waves are in same phase at particular point and all waves travel parallelly in same direction.

High Quality of Lasers & High Quality of Laser Machines easily achieve results. This is only centre in North Maharashtra where all Laser Machines are of top most quality. COSMETIC LASER Technology is sure & best technology for improving beauty when of most standard laser producing machines are used. 
Lasers are tool of surgical & medical treatment. LASERs are safe and time proved.  LASER beam reaches to more depth in the skin where medicine cannot reach & act.

What is meaning of LASER? What are Characteristics of Laser?

Long form of LASER is ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. ‘Laser is intense beam of bright light which travels in one direction. LASER beam is monochromatic (has single wave length) collimated (very low divergence of flight waves) and coherent (i.e. it’s all light waves are in same wave at particular point and time). So, this well controlled energy can be used for specific cosmetic treatments. Every type of laser has precise and selective wavelength. Lasers act selectively. Laser is target specific.  The light of routine light bulb has many colours, multiple wavelengths and scattered. So, this routine light is not effective like LASER.

Action of Lasers on diseased tissue

Laser waves are absorbed by certain substances which are present in the cells and are called as chromophore. Laser waves selectively act only on the cells which contain these chromophores. Hemoglobin, melanin water & fat are chromophores in the body. So, Lasers are the target specific & precise in action. There are varieties of lasers used for different problem. Ultra pulse® fractional CO2 laser, Top flat wave Q switch Nd: YAG laser, long pulse Nd: YAG laser, Diode lasers, Pulse dye laser & Alexandrite are most commonly used lasers on India skin.

Laser waves do not act on other cells which do not contain chromophore. Laser is non-ionizing. So, it does not cause mutation in cells & so it does not cause cancer or any other disease.

Quality of Lasers

Type of wave of Laser light decides quality of laser.  Lasers are of two types depending on its type of light waves. Top flat wave beam technology & Gaussian beam wave technology.  Prefer laser machine which provide Top Flat wave laser.

Gaussian wave laser

Top flat wave laser

Laser machine which produces Top flat wave lasers beam give better results than gaussian beam waves laser. Laser machines which produce Top flat waves beam are costlier. So those are available at few centres in India including our centre. All lasers at our centre are of Flat wave beam technology.

Action of Lasers

When laser waves are absorbed in target cells they respond by photochemical, photothermal & photomechanical action.  These actions are used to improve tissue, destroy tissue and rejuvenate the tissue.

Why lasers are important tools in medical & surgical treatment?

Laser treatment is effective in medical problem in which modern medical science is not useful at all e.g. Unwanted hair removal, skin resurfacing hyperpigmentation problem, lesions of blood vessels, birth mark etc. Lasers are precise in action. Lasers act on certain chromophore containing tissue, so other tissue are not harmed.

Lasers are grouped into: 
1) ablative lasers which cause mild visible injury.
2) non ablative lasers which produce tissue changes without causing and visible injury.

People often ask “Why cosmetic laser treatment is costlier?

We often say Laser treatment is cost effective.
Cosmetic Laser treatment cost is more than traditional procedures because it needs special costly laser instruments.  Number of patients choosing laser treatment are less.  So, it takes long time to recover investment. Patient needs to repeat treatment 5-10 times or even more in resistant cases. These costly machines need more costly maintenance care. Life of Laser Machine is limited to 5 – 8 years. 

Each type of LASER has its own advantage. Due to availability of multiple types of Hi-Tech equipment LASERS, in our centre suitable effects can be achieved at our centre. This ensures a broad range of application to variety of cosmetic problems. So, results of our procedure have consistent tone.

Types of Laser Treatments

There are two broadly grouped laser treatments: 
1) Ablative laser treatment: These lasers worked by causing visible harm to the diseased tissue thereby dramatically improving texture of upper surface. CO2 laser and Erbium YAG lasers are routinely used for ablative type of treatment. Original Ultra pulse Fractional CO2 laser wave (Lumenis) act effectively by causing mild visible injury on superficial level & also at depth of 4 mm. Results are seen immediately & these results continue to improve further up to 3 – 6 months. It is effective in resurfacing of the scars on the skin. Skin resurfacing is effective in all types of scars (acne scars, burn scar, accidental scars, chicken pox scars, other scars), wrinkles, rough skin, thick layer of pigmentation, static wrinkle Acanthosis nigricans, dark circles around eyes, darkness around mouth, dark layers on the forehead, etc.

UltraPulse CO2 laser (PreciseFx, SCAARFx, DeepFx, ActiveFx, PigmentFx work by coagulation of tissue which is safe action.  SuperPulse CO2 laser & Pixel CO2 laser act by burning tissue which is not safe action.  

2) Non Ablative laser treatment: These lasers act at deeper as well as upper layer by causing no visible harm to normal tissue but cause non visible harm to diseased tissue. To improve fairness, dark colour complexion, acne, texture, dark areas, dark spots, sun tan, freckles, lentigines on the skin for removal of unwanted hair, red spot, hemangioma, protein stain, scars, this method is used. It also improve appearance or colour complexion of burn scars & skin complexion anywhere on the body. 

This procedure is often called as laser facial skin rejuvenation. Most of the persons who want to maintain or improve cosmetic appearance of the skin prefer non effective or less effective well known non-medical cosmetic procedures or only medicine treatment during initial phase of cosmetic problem. They choose effective laser treatment very late i.e. when problem is well advanced. So they fail to get effective results. They feel frustration about own face.

Hi-Tech lasers are most safe and effective in improving results although these machines of Hi-Tech Lasers are very costly.

The general population needs to gain more knowledge about lasers. So, even though they need lasers for practical benefit, they do not get laser treatment on time. It is often too late when they decide to take laser treatment.

Misconceptions like (a) Laser causes cancer/harm to tissue and makes the skin loose, etc., are present in the community. The laser does not cause cancer, skin looseness, or harm normal tissue. Persons who need to learn about medical cosmetic laser treatment tend to speak about such misconceptions and discourage needy persons from taking laser cosmetic laser treatment. These needy persons often come for laser treatment late as a last hope. These misconceptions are due to ignorance, half-knowledge, and fear. Laser is a recent technology. Misconceptions about lasers often keep the patients from taking advantage of the advantages of effective treatment.

Why should you take Laser Treatment from our Centre?

(1) We use Hi-Tech & the, safe laser machines & most effective technologies.
(2) We offer cost-effective laser treatment, although our lasers are the most costly.
(3) Our technologies like Original Ultrapulse CO2 Laser (for skin resurfacing), SCAARFx Laser (for scars, acne scars), DeepFx Laser (to improve the smoothness of skin, the aging effect of skin), ActiveFx Laser (for resistant problems of the skin surface), TotalFx laser for (advanced problems of skin), PigmentFx, PreciseFx, IncisionalFx laser are only at our Centre. They are unavailable in other cosmetic laser centers in Mumbai & North Maharashtra. 
(4) you can receive high-quality laser treatment at our Centre.
(5) Our expert is an awardee at National & International levels.
(6) We use Laser Machines chosen at the top international cosmetic laser centers in New York, Paris, London, Bangkok & Dubai.(7) We show you the results of thousands of persons who have received treatment from our Centre, and all have shown excellent improvement. Other centers need such facilities.  

About Specialist

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan is a highly esteemed Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon in North Maharashtra. With certification from the Australian Board and over 40 years of experience.
He is a skilled practitioner of advanced cosmetic and laser procedures. As a former Professor of Surgery at M. H. Medical College, Nashik. Dr. Mahajan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

Mrs. Archana Bharambe Working Woman

"I had dark circles under my eyes for years and tried everything, but nothing worked until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The results were amazing, and my skin around my eyes looks much smoother and younger. The staff were professional and friendly, and the treatment was painless and quick. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone struggling with dark circles."

Mrs. Asha Kulkarni Home Maker

"I am so happy with the anti-aging treatment I received at this clinic. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly, and they helped me design a customized treatment plan that addressed my specific concerns. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the texture and tone of my skin, and I feel much more confident and youthful."

Mr. Harshal Bhardwaj Businessman

"I struggled with acne and acne scars for years and was feeling hopeless until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The results were truly remarkable, and my skin has never looked better. The staff were professional and knowledgeable, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with acne or acne scars."

Miss. Shabana Khan Student

"I had always been self-conscious about my appearance, but after visiting this clinic for cosmetic and laser surgery, I feel like a new person. The staff were friendly and supportive, and they helped me choose the right procedures to achieve my desired results. The surgery itself was quick and painless, and the results exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to this clinic for giving me the confidence I always wanted."

Miss. Ira Chaudhari Student

"I had been struggling with melasma and uneven skin tone for years and was feeling hopeless until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The staff were knowledgeable and professional, and they helped me design a customized treatment plan that targeted my specific concerns. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the fairness and clarity of my skin. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with melasma or uneven skin tone."

Rohini Korde
Rohini Korde
Nice result
Maya Mali
Maya Mali
nice result
Good results ,very nice
harshal bodavde
harshal bodavde
Best result 👍💯
Swash Empire
Swash Empire
There Lasers are very effective on facial treatment
Shalini Nandurdikar
Shalini Nandurdikar
Best Hi - tech Laser treatment. Amezing results .Most recomended
Sagar Thakare
Sagar Thakare
Nice result
Swati Nehate
Swati Nehate
Best center in Nashik I took anti aging treatment of Hi -Tech laser.I my skin look young and melasma also controlled Thanks to sir.

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