Body Scar Laser

Scars on the Body and Non Acne scars on the face

Treatment of the Scars on face & body:

Scar formation: Everybody has some scars on the face or body. Some scars on face & other part of the body (e.g-burn scar) make face less attractive. Some scars affect facial expressions. Development of the scar and its effects are highly individualistic. Patient’s attitude towards the scar is variable. As people are not aware that scar can be reduced or its appearance can be improved by taking laser treatment or cosmetic treatment they do not ask treatment.

After scar formation, one may allow to pass a period of one year after injury. Or one may start preventive laser treatment immediately after healing So wound scar contracts further. As wound heals puckering of surrounding skin layers takes place. The muscles and tendons of underlying layers are affected by contraction of scar layers.

Types of Scars:

  • ‘Hypertrophic’ Scars:These are the result of excessive healing process and are raised above the level of surrounding skin, reddish in color and may be painful to pressure.  In hypertrophic scar, collagen production remains in the boundaries of scar area. So, the area becomes thick and develops unsightly scar. It one feels that scar area shows thickening before one year then one can take local injection or local Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser (SCAARFXTM ) resurfacing or ablative/non ablative laser treatment to reduce thickening & to improve appearance of scar surface.

  • Atrophied Scars:These are thin scars. Often the area is slightly depressed.

Why one may need to repeat treatment 6-10 times?
For the laser to be most effective the hairs should be treated in the growth phase of its growth cycles multiple treatments are needed.  All of the hairs are not in the same stage growth cycle at any given time. So there is no laser that can eliminate all hair in one treatment.

Is laser hair removal painful? 
During the laser hair removal procedure, you will feel a light stinging sensation, which indicates that laser has destroyed the hair root. Some have the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin.  Now a days people who do not want pain during this procedure can use anesthetic cream before this procedure.  Now laser comes with a cooling tip and or cooling devices.

Good Results:  Results are very good in persons with fair skin & person with thick hairs.  If treatment is done with laser beam having spot size 12 mm on face and 15 to 18 mm more on back, chest.  Such big spot size of laser can reach upto root of the hair & destroy it effectively.  Smaller spot size and cheaper laser machines are not able to do so.   

Is it possible to eliminate the scar completely?

 No, once the scar is formed it may remain forever, though it can be improved with the laser treatment and may become almost invisible. Scar is always scar; it cannot be eradicated cent percent but it can be eradicated up to 90-95% & its appearance can be made more pleasing or cosmetically acceptable. One often needs combination of techniques. Every technique has its advantages and limitations.

Various techniques to make scar less visible or invisible:

  • Surgery for (i) scar excision, (ii) scar excision with tissue expander
  • Skin grafting on the scar (e.g. in burn scar)
  • Fat grafting under the scar
  • Ablative laser skin & scar resurfacing with SCAARFXTM laser and DeepFxTMlaser, TotalFxTM Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin Resurfacing are most preferred technology, Fractional Er:YAG laser skin resurfacing is least preferred technology.  To know more about their superiority of results, please refer to google.
  • Non ablative laser scar rejuvenation with use oflong pulse Nd:YAG laser, Pulse dye laser, Q-switch Nd:YAG laser.
  • Dermabrasion method is often not used as more effective ablative laser (SCAARFx & DeepFx CO2 laser) scar resurfacing procedure is available.
  • Micro Needling/RF Micro Needling help in smoothening scar to variable extent.
  • Chemical peels may halp in smoothening scar to variable extent.
  • Medical Treatment: Silicon gel sheet, application of silicon cream on the scar.
  • Medical treatment preferred in fresh scars or resurfaced scar.

Preventive treatment on these scars : If person thinks that scar appearance should be minimum or if person has tendency of hypertrophic scars then 2-4 weeks after wound healing one should take treatment of LP Nd: YAG laser, pulse dye laser or fractional ‘DeepFXTM‘ laser or ‘SCAARFXTM‘ laser, TotalFx Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser.  These are originally advanced technologies.  Our centre is one of ‘12 centres’ in India where these technologies are available.

SuperPulse CO2 laser is preferred only if Original UltraPulse CO2 laser is not available.

Occasionally why in some person less results are seen:?

Treatment of old scars: As mentioned above there are various methods to treat scars. To improve the scar appearance effectively, in most of the cases one may require more than one procedure and more than one technique or technology & more than one treatment sitting.

  1. a) Surgery of the Scar: Scar excision and serial scar excision:

(i) Small Scar : If scar is small it is excised fully in one sittings. The remaining fine line of scar can be made less visible by using laser therapy. If scar is of bigger size, then it can be reduced in 2-4 sittings. After each scar excision of scar reduces to minimum single line size satisfactorily. This technique is preferred in limited size of burn scar, road accident scar etc.

In cosmetic scar excision technique wide scar tissue is excised and incisions are closed with fine invisible stitches which results into less prominent scar. That remaining fine lines of scar can be made less visible with laser treatment.

(ii) Bigger sized Scar : If scar is of big size (burn scar, road accident scar) it can be fully excised with 2- 5  serial excision stages depending on size of the scar.  The remaining scar is like a fine line.

(iii) Z-plasty technique: In this technique, scar from one area is moved to the other area i.e. nature fold or crease of the skin to reduce its visibility. Thus, it does not remove all scar signs but it makes scar less visible. Scar is surgically revised. The small thin line of new scar is laserised to make it less visible. In last two photo graphs CO2 laser scar resurfacing & non ablative laser skin rejuvenation was done respectively.

(iv) In flap technique of removal of the scar, its entire tissue is excised. Then, skin flap from adjacent healthy skin is lifted & it is moved over the area of this new wound.

(v) Skin expanding technique:  If scar is very big in size then additional skin surface area is increased and this additionally increased skin is used to cover scar surface. Additional increase of skin surface can be done by using tissue expander under the skin. Such tissue expander is kept for 1-3 months under the skin then that expanded skin is shifted over scar on the skin.

(vi) Skin grafting: In skin graft technique, section of the tissue of the skin from one area is taken and it is transferred to wound area from where the scar is excised.

Precaution after surgery of the scar

After facial scar excision, avoid all physical activities and facial expressions which place undue stress on the axis of the incision. Ask your surgeon about activities which should be avoided. After surgery, patient may feel some pain or discomfort. Due to natural process of healing, swelling, bruising and redness may develop locally. Keep patience till wound heals. Internal healing maturity process may continue for few months and so appearance improves gradually.

  1. b) Ablative laser skin & scar resurfacing: Patented technology SCAARFXTMlaser and DeepFXTMUltra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin Resurfacing: (Search on Google for DeepFx laser & SCAARFx laser).

In this renewed and effective technique CO2 laser rays enter in deep layers of the scar. Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser of Deep Fx and SCAAR Fx enters 4mm depth in the scar tissue. So scar partially shrinks three dimensionally. So surface of the scar become more smooth & better in appearance. Size of the scar reduces to some extent.

If there are dark layers on the surface of the scar thickness on these can be reduced by use of ActiveFXTM Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. One may need 2-5 sitting at interval of 6 to 12 weeks.

  1. c) Non ablative laser scar rejuvenation: Scars can be made better in appearance without causing any visible injury by using non ablative long pulse Nd: YAG laseror pulse dye laser or erbium YAG Glass laser. 1340nm laser, 1450nm laser, etc. These lasers improve in fine-ness of mild scars, texture of the scar, LP Nd:YAG laserimproves darkness and redness of the scars.

    This technique is use to improve results of other technique and in mild scars. This technique is also used when one wants mild changes or mild improvement.

    This technique is often used after scar excision surgery or ablative CO2 laser resurfacing of scars. Results are better if scar is reddish in colour or if person takes 6-12 sittings.

    In era of cosmetic surgery, it is injustice not to treat the scar & tolerate if for whole life on the face.


Laser surgery of depressed spots, depressed scars, depressed healed wounds can be done by ‘DeepFXTM‘ Laser & ‘SCAARFXTM‘ Laser mode of surgical Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Treatment with the help of these two modes of Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser machine heals wound faster & it is the latest and the most effective treatment to reproduce smooth & scarless skin. Patient does not need any admission. Bigger sized scars can be reduced with cosmetic scar excision surgery.  To elevate depressed surface one need subscision followed by tissue grafting, fat grafting or filler rejection.

Reduction of scars with combine used of ablative & non ablative laser: This combination of Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser scar resurfacing and long pulse Nd:YAG laser/ pulse dye laser/ Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser is often used for effective results. If some persons do not like to undergo any stitch procedure to reduce scar, then this combination is used.

Fat Grafting under the scar: It improves appearance of scar. Fat tissue has stem cells which improve cosmetic appearance of skin and scars of the skin. This is very effective method to improve cosmetic appearance of the face.  It can be done 2-5 times.  Person improves with repetitions every time.


Achieving Stunning Results with Laser Scar Treatment

Laser body scar treatment is a popular method for improving the appearance of scars, utilizing focused light therapy to remove or diminish scar tissue. This advanced technique offers several benefits for individuals seeking to reduce the visibility of scars. Here are six key advantages:

Laser treatment can significantly reduce the visibility of scars, making them less noticeable. It works by removing the damaged outer layer of skin and stimulating the production of new, healthy skin cells. This can result in scars that are lighter, smoother, and blend more naturally with the surrounding skin.

Unlike surgical scar removal methods, laser treatment is non-invasive. There are no incisions involved, which reduces the risk of infection and complications. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return to their daily activities shortly after treatment.

Laser scar treatment is generally less painful than other scar removal methods. Many patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure, often described as a snapping sensation against the skin. Anesthesia or numbing cream may be used to minimize discomfort, depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Laser treatment can be effective on various types of scars, including acne scars, surgical scars, injury scars, and burn marks. It can be used on different parts of the body, offering a versatile solution for individuals with scars in visible areas or those affecting self-esteem.

The laser not only works on the surface level but also penetrates deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. Increased collagen can improve skin texture and elasticity, further enhancing the healing process and the appearance of the treated area over time.

Recovery from laser scar treatment is relatively quick compared to surgical alternatives. While the treated area may appear red or swollen initially, these side effects usually subside within a few days. Most people can resume their normal activities almost immediately, with no need for an extended recovery period.

About Specialist

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan is a highly esteemed Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon in North Maharashtra. With certification from the Australian Board and over 40 years of experience.

He is a skilled practitioner of advanced cosmetic and laser procedures. As a former Professor of Surgery at M. H. Medical College, Nashik. Dr. Mahajan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

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"I had been struggling with melasma and uneven skin tone for years and was feeling hopeless until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The staff were knowledgeable and professional, and they helped me design a customized treatment plan that targeted my specific concerns. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the fairness and clarity of my skin. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with melasma or uneven skin tone."

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Laser Body Scar & Non Acne Scar on Face Treatment

It’s important to consult with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to discuss the most suitable type of laser treatment for your specific scar type and skin condition, as well as to understand the potential risks and outcomes of the procedure.

Answer: Laser therapy can treat a wide range of scars, including acne scars, surgical scars, scars from injuries, burn scars, and even stretch marks. The effectiveness of the treatment can vary depending on the type, age, and severity of the scar, as well as the individual's skin type.

Answer: Most patients experience minimal discomfort during laser scar treatment. The sensation is often compared to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Topical numbing cream or local anesthesia can be applied to minimize discomfort. The level of pain can vary depending on the laser technology used and the individual's pain threshold.

Answer: The duration of a laser scar treatment session can vary depending on the size and number of scars being treated. Typically, sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Your healthcare provider will give you an estimated treatment time based on your specific condition.

Answer: The number of sessions required can vary widely depending on the scar's characteristics and the patient's goals. Some may see significant improvement after just one session, while others might need multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart. On average, patients may undergo three to five sessions, but more may be necessary for deeper or more severe scars.

Answer: Post-treatment, the area may appear red and feel sunburned for a few days. Swelling and mild discomfort are also common but typically subside within a week. It's important to follow post-care instructions, which may include applying topical ointments, avoiding direct sun exposure, and not picking at the treated skin to ensure optimal healing.

Answer: While laser scar treatment is generally safe, there are potential risks and side effects, including temporary redness, swelling, and itching. Less commonly, there may be changes in skin pigmentation, blistering, or infection. The risk of adverse effects can be minimized by choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner and by following pre- and post-treatment care instructions closely.

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