Fairness Improvement with Laser / Melasma


Fairness Improvement with Laser / Melasma

Naturally maintained fairness and glow is healthy sign of the skin.  All fair people may not have glow on the skin. This happens due to unhealthy skin or low quality of health of the person. Fairness without glow on the skin indicates non energetic person.  Many persons improve fairness of the skin at the cost of loosing health of the skin.  This usually happens due to habit of undue use of fairness creams or self treatment.

Indians are obsessed over fairness of the skin.  Fair skin is considered as priced possession. So many of us are constantly looking for remedies for fair complexion.  So commercial people take advantage of urge for fairness. There are many products in the market which gives temporary improvement for fairness. So the person slowly develop dependency on those creams. Slowly such spoiling the health   of the skin continues. The person who is using these creams do not realise slow detonation of the beauty of the skin.  

Most of the persons having such problem come very late for the effective treatment. Due to absence of treatment capacity of the skin to respond reduces. The colour of the skin mainly depends on pigment in the skin called Melanin. Q Switch Nd:YAG laser of top flat beam variety(hi-tech) is effective in reducing melanin pigment in the skin. This laser beam reaches to all layers of the skin and help in rejuvenation of the skin, thereby helping the skin to become fair and younger. 

The colour of the skin mainly depends on pigment in the skin called Melanin. Q Switch Nd:YAG laser of top flat beam variety(hi-tech) is effective in reducing melanin pigment in the skin. This laser beam reaches to all layers of the skin and help in rejuvenation of the skin, thereby helping the skin to become fair and younger.

Market is full of multiple types of fairness creams.  All creams guarantee to improve fairness. Most of cases who need lots of fairness treatment have a sort of medical conditions who needs proper treatment from medical experts.  Millions of the people use fairness cream.  Most of them continue to use it without actual quality improvement of fairness.  Many of them slowly become dependent or addicted to fairness creams.  Such undue use of fairness creams slowly spoil health of the skin and later on, its fairness.

There are non-medical treatment ways available for fairness improvement which are not effective if the causes are of the medical nature.  Such causes are often most common.  Self use of fairness cream is not fair in such cases.  

All these measures fail miserably because often the skin is unhealthy.  These persons are not able to identify and accept that their skin is unhealthy.  Most of them say “I am having just a problem of fairness and that’s all.  I do not have any other problem in my skin”.

Most of us often ask the question which cream is best for skin whitening?  There is nothing like guaranteed whitening skin if the skin is unhealthy.  Most of adults have unhealthy skin.  We tend to separate quality of our healthy from quality of health of the skin.  Health of skin & body are correlated.  Another question is asked which cream is best for skin whitening without side effect if the person wants longer lasting results?  Help the skin for more fairness with the help of a medical treatment and maintenance rather than beauty treatment and maintenance.

Many creams guarantees you results within 3 to 7 days.  When person starts using fairness cream during initial period one may have improvement.  If the person continue to use same cream again and again there are limitations of improvement.  Due to underdoses of ingredients in the fairness cream available in the market later on remain non effective after certain limit.  But such cream may likely to create dependency. So, it is often observed that people continue to use fairness cream for years together without any proportional increment in the fairness.  In some cases there are chances to increase toxicity and sensitivity of the skin, thereby reducing fairness of the skin.   

Improving Fairness of the skin with Laser Treatment

        Everybody wants to be fair and lovely. Now a days many persons are fair in colour bur their skin on face and neck become darker due to multiple factors like sunlight, photo sensitiveness, use of some wrong cosmetics, self-medication of creams/lotions etc.  Tanning or skin which appears darker than original colour suggests some damage to upper layers of the skin. We treat such cases with most recent nano technology lasers ‘Medlite C-6’  to improve fairness, glow, smoothness and dark spots. Results tend to last longer when skin maintenance care is taken. 

Although we can not change basic colour of the skin, we can reduce darker tone of colour of the skin of the face & hand, neck etc. we use flat wave Q switch Nd:YAG laser of nono technology. It is safe method if proper care is taken, results tend to last longer in comparison to other treatment


        Melasma is also known as mask of pregnancy or chloasma. Melasma starts during pregnancy or  in child bearing age. It is most common acquired pigmentation. It is more common in females. In 1 /3 rd cases are idiopathic or have no exact cause. In some cases it is familial problem. Like high blood pressure or diabetes melasma is incurable condition but it can be reduced satisfactorily & can be kept to minimum level in most of the cases, if that person keeps proper sun protection & takes proper long term follow up treatment with cosmetic experts. In certain cases it may naturally reduce after age of 55 years.

Multiple factors aggravate melasma e.g. genetic, UV light, stress, endocrinal/ hormonal changes, hormonal imbalance, hormonal replacement therapy, thyroid problem, menopause, progesterone, higher level of estrogen,irregular life style. nutritional deficiencies, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Diabetes mellitus, acanthosis nigricans, use of certain cosmetics and medicated creams, certain drugs, antiepilepsy drugs (like hydantoin, dilantin) etc.

Ultraviolet rays in sun light and higher level of estrogen are biggest culprit. So, it often occurs during pregnancy & use of oral contraceptive. Even if the person is not exposed to sunlight, occasional exposure to strong sunlight for short duration e.g. procession of marriage without protection of the face in sunlight can also be strong provocative factor. It increases during reproductive age. Dark skin persons are more likely to develop. Facial melanosis, due to other causes may be present simultaneously.  So, melasma is seen along with other pigmentation problems of the skin.

Clinical features of Melasma : Melasma has irregular shape and has blotches of light to dark brown pigmentation. Skin texture in that area become more rough and thickness reduces in some areas due to atrophic scar like changes or loss of superficial layer of epidermis. Some times on some part of the surface on the disease patch one may see some mixture of areas of pigmented thickened layers and/or thin atrophic (depressed) spots. It often starts as very mild condition. It increases slowly.  So most of person neglect it initially.  It is often handled by self medication for few months & so indirectly this problem become more persistent.  Melasma usually develops on cheek, nose, forehead, chin, upper lip& sometimes in neck. It may develop on the nipples & around the external genitalia.

Treatment:  They often try home treatment or advertised products which slowly aggravate this problem. They do not give concurrent protection from sunlight or strong artificial light. Valuable time for taking effective treatment during initial phase of disease is wasted in self-medication by most of the persons. The behavior of the Melasma: Melasma is erratic & its response to any treatment is always uncertain. So also follow up treatment is taken by that person irregularly and erratically Most of the person fails to take active treatment of expert during initial period of disease. 

Avoid over expectation :

Over expectation – often leads to mistakes in management of treatments e.g. approach for treatment, failure to keep follow up, changing doctor frequently, using same medicine for long period, using some medicine which was prescribed some times in past etc. These factors make disease strong and resistant to treatment. Treatment response is often uncertain. It varies from person to person. So person should not keep high expectation just because he is taking expert treatment.

Although this disease appears locally multiple general factors affect its prognosis like stress, sunlight, hormonal disturbances, health status, oral contraceptives lack of rest, late hours sleep in night etc.

Initial treatment of Melasma: Initially most of patients try to manage this disease by home remedy or self medication. Due to advertisement most of person know various bleaching agents or fairness creams. Such self medication or mismanagement in treatment make the problem more resistant to routine line of treatment. Such attempts of self management delay in consulting expert & delay in starting right medical treatment. In such cases severity of disease aggravates slowly & may become incurable.


Reveal Your Radiant Glow

Laser/melasma treatment effectively targets and reduces excessive pigmentation associated with melasma. It can lighten dark spots and patches, resulting in a more even and balanced skin tone.

In addition to addressing pigmentation concerns, laser treatment can also help improve skin texture. It stimulates collagen production, promoting smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

Fairness improvement with laser/melasma treatment can significantly enhance the overall appearance of the face. It can restore a brighter and more radiant complexion, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Laser treatment for melasma is a non-invasive procedure that does not require surgical incisions. It is a safe and relatively painless option compared to more invasive treatments.

Each laser session is typically short, allowing for quick treatment sessions that can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule. This convenience makes it accessible for individuals with limited time.

While individual results may vary, laser/melasma treatment can provide long-lasting improvements in skin tone and pigmentation. With proper skincare maintenance and sun protection.

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Fairness Improvement with Laser / Melasma

If you’re considering Fairness Improvement with Laser / Melasma, you may have questions about how it works, its safety, and the expected results. In this FAQ section, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions to help you better understand the benefits, process, and outcomes of Fairness Improvement with Laser / Melasma.

Laser/melasma treatment for fairness enhancement involves the use of laser technology to target and reduce pigmentation irregularities associated with melasma, resulting in a brighter and more even complexion.

Laser technology emits specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the excessive melanin in the skin. The energy breaks down the pigment, leading to a reduction in dark spots and patches associated with melasma.

When performed by a qualified professional, laser/melasma treatment is generally safe. However, it's important to choose an experienced practitioner who can properly assess your skin and provide appropriate treatment.

The duration of a laser/melasma treatment session can vary depending on the size of the treated area. Typically, a session can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Multiple sessions are often required to achieve optimal results with laser/melasma treatment. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the melasma and individual factors. Your dermatologist will determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Laser/melasma treatment is usually well-tolerated by patients. Some individuals may experience a mild tingling or warming sensation during the procedure. Topical numbing creams can be applied to minimize any discomfort.

Results from laser/melasma treatment may be noticeable after the first few sessions. However, full results can take several weeks or months as the skin gradually improves.

Yes, laser/melasma treatment can be combined with other procedures such as chemical peels or skincare products to enhance the overall effectiveness and results.

Temporary side effects can include redness, mild swelling, or slight darkening of the treated area. These usually subside within a few days or weeks.

While laser/melasma treatment can effectively reduce melasma, it is possible for the condition to recur, especially if proper sun protection and skincare measures are not followed. Maintenance treatments and sun avoidance are important for long-term results.

Laser/melasma treatment can be performed on various skin types. However, it is essential to consult with a skilled dermatologist to determine the most appropriate treatment approach based on your specific skin type and condition.

Yes, laser/melasma treatment can be performed on areas of the body affected by melasma or hyperpigmentation. However, the treatment approach and settings may differ based on the location and characteristics of the skin.

About Specialist

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan

Dr Pramod Hari Mahajan is a highly esteemed Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon in North Maharashtra. With certification from the Australian Board and over 40 years of experience. He is a skilled practitioner of advanced cosmetic and laser procedures. As a former Professor of Surgery at M. H. Medical College, Nashik. Dr Mahajan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

He is certified by Australia Board of Laser Cosmetic Surgeons. He completed his medical graduation in 1978 from Govt. Medical College, Nagpur. He completed his post-graduation from & » the same institute. He worked as a Professor of Surgery at M. H. Medical College, Nashik. s Training: He has undergone training in more than fifty various recognized cosmetic surgery, cosmetic laser surgery and laser treatment workshops held at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, G S Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, L. T. Medical College, Mumbai, G.T. Hospital, Mumbai, Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi, Medical University, Lucknow, Medical College, Jaipur etc. He is a certified cosmetic laser expert for lasers by Australia Board. 

Dr Pramod Hari Mahajan

Sarah W.

I struggled with melasma for years, and it really took a toll on my self-confidence. However, after undergoing laser treatment for fairness improvement, my skin has transformed dramatically. The treatment effectively reduced the appearance of melasma, leaving me with a more even and radiant complexion. I am grateful to the laser treatment for giving me back my confidence and helping me feel beautiful in my own skin again.

Rani Patil

As someone who has battled with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, I can't recommend laser treatment enough. The fairness improvement I experienced was remarkable. The laser effectively targeted the problem areas on my face, lightening the dark spots and giving me a more uniform complexion. I no longer feel the need to constantly conceal my imperfections with makeup. Laser treatment truly changed my life, and I'm thrilled with the results.

Harshali Bhardwaj

I had tried numerous creams, serums, and treatments to combat my melasma, but nothing seemed to work effectively. That was until I discovered laser treatment for fairness improvement. The treatment was not only safe and non-invasive but also incredibly effective. It specifically targeted the melasma, lightening the patches and giving me a much fairer complexion. I'm so grateful to have found this solution and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with melasma or uneven skin tone.

Sameer Kumar

After years of struggling with melasma, I was skeptical about any treatment promising fairness improvement. However, laser treatment exceeded my expectations. Not only did it noticeably reduce the appearance of melasma, but it also improved the overall texture and tone of my skin. The procedure was quick, and the recovery time was minimal. I now feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin, and I owe it all to laser treatment.

Pratiksha Chaudhari

I cannot express how grateful I am for the laser treatment I underwent for fairness improvement. It completely transformed my complexion. My melasma patches have significantly lightened, and my overall skin tone is much more balanced. The treatment was painless, and the results were long-lasting. I finally feel like I can step out without any makeup and feel beautiful. If you're considering laser treatment for fairness improvement, don't hesitate. It's worth every penny.

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