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About Dr. Pramod Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan is a renowned & senior Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon of North Maharashtra. He is certified by Australia Board Laser Cosmetic Surgeon. He completed his medical graduation in 1978 from Govt. Medical College, Nagpur. He completed his post-graduation from same institute. He worked as Professor of Surgery in M. H. Medical College, Nashik.


He has undergone training in more than fifty various recognized cosmetic surgery, cosmetic laser surgery and laser treatment workshops held at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, G S Medical college & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, L. T. Medical College, Mumbai, G.T. Hospital, Mumbai, Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi, Medical University, Lucknow, Medical College, Jaipur etc. He is certified cosmetic laser expert for lasers by Australia Board. He   has acquired training in Lasers under the guidance of

Names of cosmetic Laser & Surgery Teachers:

Prof. Penny Smalley (USA), Dr. Lu Zhong, Shanghai, Dr. Nivat, Bangkok, Dr. Big (U.S.A.), Dr. Michael Gold (U.S.A.), Ascelpion Laser Technologies, Cynosure(USA), DASIC(USA) workshops (Germany)

Cosmetic Surgical SkillS

He has acquired special skills in Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), , power liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, body contouring surgeries, fat grafting, cosmetic face-neck-head surgeries, scar eradication or resurfacing, skin resurfacing, & skin rejuvenation with lasers such as SCAARFx Laser, DeepFx Laser, ActiveFX Laser, PreciseFx Laser, PigmentFx Laser(Refer Google for more information of these patented lasers), Follicular Unit hair Transplant (FUT), & Follicular Unit Extract (FUE including body hair transplant) hair transplant.

He is Life Member of following Super Specialized National Organizations:


Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon in North Maharashtra

He has chaired various sessions on scientific discussion in scientific international conferences.

Best Research E-poster
During 2014 he was awarded 1st prize for Best Research E-poster presented during All India Conference of Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSICON-2014) held at Wynad, Calicat, Kerala. The poster was on ‘UltraPulse CO2 Laser Resurfacing on Facial Pigmentation’.

He is a successful and popular writer and has written ten books on cosmetic, medical, health, & social subjects to educate masses.

Appreciation Award
In 2010 He received appreciation award from ‘Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons’.

His book on child development was rewarded Best Book on Health of the year 1988 by Institute of Indian Medicine, Pune.

Training sessions
He conducted training sessions during cosmetology update in course conducted by Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald, Germany and Lumenis on 8th June 2014.

Most Effective and World Class Qualitative Cosmetic Lasers

Look Young Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre is the First Multi Laser and Most Popular Cosmetic Center in North Maharashtra. He has multiple types of internationally most preferred Flat wave beam of most advanced (Hi-Tech) LASER machines which are Top most in the world. 

He started first Hi-Tech Multi Laser & Cosmetic Surgical Centre “Look Young Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre ®  of north Maharashtra at Nashik (INDIA). This is the only UltraPulse &; SCAARFx laser surgical center in North Maharashtra and is well-equipped with world renowned & most up to date standard multiple leading laser technology brands of the world. It has ISO 9001-2015 Certification. 

We have maximum number of hair removal Hi-Tech laser technologies in North Maharashtra. It is one of top 10 laser centers of India in terms of quality & laser treatment, Laser technologies and techniques e.g. SCAARFx, Medlite C6. It is one of these top laser centres of India having SCAARFx Laser, DecoFx Laser, ActiveFx Laser, TotalFx Laser, PigmentFx Laser, PreciseFx Laser, IncisionFx Laser which are most effective and patented technologies in the world since last 30 years.

Mediostar NextProXL (Asclepion, Germany) Nexpro XL(Germany) is having twin diode laser(810,940nm) with biggest hand piece(9.2 sq cm) in the world. He has ideal laser for hair removal i.e. Long pulse Alexandrite(755) with spot size 12mm.

Gentle YAG laser & “Gentle Max Pro” (from America). This is world’s most effective long pulse & YAG laser with spot size 18 mm. This is world’s strongest & most effective long pulse Nd:YAG platform of Candela. Candela laser is very popular all over the world, specially in America. 

‘Ultra-Pulse ®  fractional encore Co2 laser’ and patented SCAARFx Laser technology His centre is only centre having patented monopoly techno-logies like SCAARFx Laser, ActiveFx Laser, DeepFx Laser & TotalFx Laser, PigmentFX Technologies.

Medlite C-6 Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser (USA)

HIFU: We use worlds latest technology of Nonsurgical facelift i.e. HIFU( High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) from Korea.

We use DEKA Synchro HP laser & IPL (ITALY).

Written Books

लोकशिक्षण माला सौंदर्य पुष्प

  • सौंदर्य उपचार मार्गदर्शन
  • डॉक्टर मला सुंदर व्हायचय !
  • सुंदर दिसा ! तरुण दिसा !!
  • सुंदरता वाढवा
  • सौंदर्य टिकवा चिर-तरुण !

जनशिक्षण जागृती पुस्तके

  • समाजकार्याचे चक्र
  • करूया मद्य-व्यसनमुक्ती
  • साक्षरता कार्याचे वाटेवर
  • तंबाखू-गुटखा व्यसन व त्यांचे उपचार
  • Guide to Literacy Work
  • जीवन जोडीदार निवडतांना
  • आयुष्य हाताळतांना
  • आंतरप्रेरक व्यसनमुक्ती
  • मोबाईल & इंटरनेटचे व्यसन टाळतांना

आरोग्य शिक्षण पुस्तके

  • नाकाचे विकार व उपचार
  • तोंड, गळा व दात यांचे विकार व उपचार
  • बालकाचे निरामय आरोग्य व संगोपन
  • बहिरेपणा व कानाची निगा
  • पिंपल्स व काळे डाग यांच्या समस्या व उपचार
  • आपले कान, नाक व घसा यांची निगा कशी राखाल?

Publications Gallery

Exploring Medical Horizons: A Publication by Dr. Promod Mahajan

Mrs. Archana Bharambe Working Woman

"I had dark circles under my eyes for years and tried everything, but nothing worked until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The results were amazing, and my skin around my eyes looks much smoother and younger. The staff were professional and friendly, and the treatment was painless and quick. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone struggling with dark circles."

Mrs. Asha Kulkarni Home Maker

"I am so happy with the anti-aging treatment I received at this clinic. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly, and they helped me design a customized treatment plan that addressed my specific concerns. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the texture and tone of my skin, and I feel much more confident and youthful."

Mr. Harshal Bhardwaj Businessman

"I struggled with acne and acne scars for years and was feeling hopeless until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The results were truly remarkable, and my skin has never looked better. The staff were professional and knowledgeable, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with acne or acne scars."

Miss. Shabana Khan Student

"I had always been self-conscious about my appearance, but after visiting this clinic for cosmetic and laser surgery, I feel like a new person. The staff were friendly and supportive, and they helped me choose the right procedures to achieve my desired results. The surgery itself was quick and painless, and the results exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to this clinic for giving me the confidence I always wanted."

Miss. Ira Chaudhari Student

"I had been struggling with melasma and uneven skin tone for years and was feeling hopeless until I tried laser treatment at this clinic. The staff were knowledgeable and professional, and they helped me design a customized treatment plan that targeted my specific concerns. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the fairness and clarity of my skin. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with melasma or uneven skin tone."

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