Acanthosis Nigricans

Thicken Dark Velvety Patches on the Body

Various Appearances of Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition in which we see dark, velvety in the body fold and creases. These changes are seen mainly in axilla, groin, back & side of the neck, some areas of face (on forehead, nasolabial fold, nasolabial angle and some areas of the cheek). Some people have thicker darker skin on the palms of their hands, inner thighs, lips, groin, other areas. These thicker and darker patches are streaks near joints like elbows, knee (anti cubital). This disease condition develops in obese (overweight), polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperthyroidism, Cushing syndrome and diabetic people. Some medicines for e.g. birth control pills or hormone treatments or steroid treatment also can cause Acanthosis Nigricans. In India more than 1 crore people are suffering from Acanthosis Nigricans. This condition may last for a year or lifelong.

This condition is not sign of danger but it suggests need of detailed medical checkup.  75% of kids with diabetes suffer from this condition.  It is not contagious condition.  The person is at the risk of developing diabetes. 

Although these peoples appear healthy, this condition is a sign of silent disease in the body.  It is good idea to check out by the doctor. 

Clinical Features

Dark velvety patches of skin in the area of armpits, groin and neck.

This disease condition develops very slowly.  The affected area may have odor or itch.  This condition may improve or reduce with weight loss. 

As this condition is easily visible to others, persons often feel self-conscious or embarrassed about the way their skin look.  Your doctor will be helpful to treat this condition. 

Some people may inherit it. 


Weight reduction has to reduce this condition.  Treatment of the causes also reduced Acanthosis changes. 

To improve appearance local applications, chemical peels are available.  UltraPulse CO2 Fractional skin resurfacing treatment gives better results.  To reduce remaining pigmentation Q Switch Nd:YAG laser treatment is done.

Person should not use harsh chemicals and bleaching creams.   

Skin Care

  • Person may easily fall into believing that the hype about bleaches, skin scrubs and over the counter exfoliating treatments.  These products may irritate the skin. 
  • Use enough amount of moisturizing lotion. 
    Person should stay natural and eat natural foods to prevent or treat
  • Nigricans avoid all type of over processed food, junk food, fried food, sweets, soft drinks etc. Maintain ideal weight.  Do physical exercise regularly. 
  • You should plan to take care of yourself, your habits, health in various ways. 

Dark Skin on Inner Thighs & Pubic Area : Darker skin is due to excess melanin in the skin causing, Use of deodorants, wearing polyester underwear, constant friction, use of hair removal creams, tight cloths, excess sweating, sometimes fungal infections can cause darkening of the skin even in fair skin person.  This is embarrassing problem for those who want to wear shorts, skirts, bikini on the beach. 

Do not use harsh bleaching creams in this area.  You may use natural remedies to reduce darkness. To improve this area use of creams and chemical peels have limitations as these cause irritation in the skin of this area. 

Use of Q Switch Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm) laser of top flat beam variety gives effective results in 6-10 treatment sessions.


Achieving Stunning Results with Laser Treatment

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition characterized by dark, velvety patches in body folds and creases. While it’s often associated with underlying health issues that need to be addressed, laser treatment can be an effective method for improving the appearance of the skin affected by acanthosis nigricans. Here are six unique benefits of using laser treatment for this condition:

Laser treatment can significantly enhance the texture of the skin affected by acanthosis nigricans. By targeting the outer layer of skin, lasers help to exfoliate the rough, thickened areas, resulting in smoother skin.

One of the primary benefits of laser therapy is its ability to reduce the dark pigmentation associated with acanthosis nigricans. Specific laser settings are designed to target melanin, the pigment causing the dark coloration, thereby lightening the affected areas.

Compared to other treatments that may involve topical or systemic medications, laser treatment for acanthosis nigricans typically has fewer side effects. The most common side effects are usually mild and temporary, such as redness or slight swelling, which subside shortly after treatment.

Laser treatment is non-invasive, meaning it does not require incisions or injections. This aspect makes the procedure relatively low risk, with minimal downtime required. Patients can usually resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

Laser treatments for acanthosis nigricans are generally quick, often lasting only a few minutes to an hour per session, depending on the size of the area being treated. This convenience allows patients to easily fit treatments into their busy schedules.

The appearance of acanthosis nigricans can be a significant source of embarrassment and social discomfort for many individuals. By improving the appearance of the skin, laser treatment can help boost self-esteem and confidence, making it easier for patients to engage in social activities and wear clothing that exposes the affected areas.

About Specialist

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan is a highly esteemed Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon in North Maharashtra. With certification from the Australian Board and over 40 years of experience.

He is a skilled practitioner of advanced cosmetic and laser procedures. As a former Professor of Surgery at M. H. Medical College, Nashik. Dr. Mahajan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

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Laser Acanthosis Nigricans Treatment

It’s important to note that while laser treatment can provide cosmetic improvements, it’s also crucial to address the underlying causes of acanthosis nigricans, such as obesity, insulin resistance, or hormonal disorders, to prevent the condition from worsening or recurring. A comprehensive approach that includes medical treatment for underlying conditions, lifestyle changes, and cosmetic procedures like laser therapy can offer the best outcomes for patients with acanthosis nigricans.

Answer: Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition characterized by dark, thick, and velvety patches in body folds and creases. Laser treatment can help by targeting the excess melanin (pigment) and promoting a more uniform skin texture and color. It can reduce the appearance of these patches, making them less noticeable.

Answer: Yes, laser treatment is generally safe for treating Acanthosis Nigricans. It's a non-invasive procedure with minimal side effects, such as temporary redness or swelling. However, the safety and effectiveness can vary depending on the individual's skin type, the severity of the condition, and the type of laser used. It's important to seek treatment from a qualified and experienced professional.

Answer: The most commonly used lasers for Acanthosis Nigricans include fractional lasers and lasers that target pigmentation, such as Q-switched lasers. The choice of laser depends on the specific characteristics of the skin condition, including the depth and concentration of pigment.

Answer: The number of sessions required varies based on the individual's condition, the area being treated, and the type of laser used. Generally, multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart are necessary to achieve optimal results. Your dermatologist can provide a more accurate treatment plan after assessing your condition.

Answer: Post-treatment, you may experience mild redness, swelling, or a tingling sensation in the treated area, which typically subsides within a few days. It's important to follow your dermatologist's aftercare instructions, which may include avoiding direct sunlight and applying specific skin care products to support healing.

Answer: While laser treatment can significantly improve the appearance of skin affected by Acanthosis Nigricans, it is not a cure for the underlying condition. It's important to address the root cause of Acanthosis Nigricans, such as insulin resistance or hormonal imbalances, through appropriate medical treatment and lifestyle changes. Laser treatment should be viewed as a complementary approach for cosmetic improvement.

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